Christians And Muslims During The Crusades

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Religion has played a big part of history around the world. Through religion we have learned so much about different cultures, beliefs and Traditions. Some of the religions that we discover in history are still dominate religions until this day. The Christianity and Islam Religion are two of the most practiced religions around the world today. From Christianity and Islam you get Christians and Muslims. The Christians and Muslims during the Crusades have similar and not so similar views on personal virtues and religious practices. The Crusades were military campaigns during the time period of Medieval England fighting against the Muslims. The Crusades had eight attempts and it lasted from 1095-1289. During the Crusades the Muslims and the Christians were the main religions focused on. Christianity and Islam are both a religion and also a life style that groups of people fought for during the Crusades. Christians during the crusades had the upper hand against the Muslims. The Muslims had it hard during the Crusades because they were the ones being attacked. During the crusades we find lots of information about Christians and Muslims. The Christians and Muslims during the crusades based on text in Discovering the Global Past “Yet ultimately both Christians and Muslims were willing to spread their respective faiths by force” both Christians and Muslims were similar in that the fought for same reason which is their religion. Both the Christians and the Muslims have the faith
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