Christians Must Take Action

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Chritians Must Take Action Christians Must Take Action to Restore the Environment Ashley Boosalis Manalili Liberty University Introduction As Children of God we have a duty to help the environment and restore all that God has created. In Genesis 2:15, the Bibles states that, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” We were put on the Earth that God has created to take care of everything He has placed on it in Adams place. We are to do so in His image. Some would argue that humans are more important and we need to worry about our existent before the environment, but that is not the case. By cutting down on pollution, recycling and conserving water; Christians are not only…show more content…
Simple task that we can do that will help and show others that there are people who are. If others see, maybe they will do. “God’s solution for the polluting of the earth is judgment on both man and his environment!” (Nattan, 2013). Counter Argument Some might say that humans are more important than the Earth and environment. That we need to worry about the existence of humans first before we go to environmental issues. Though some say this, they do not realize some environmental issues are so important and dangerous that it could hurt the human population and in the end make people extremely sick. What are the people to do when the landfills get too full? Where do the people put the trash then? What happens when pollution gets so bad, that climate change starts to become a huge problem? People think the pollution isn’t such a big deal, but when climate change starts to happen and become a bigger problem, then they will realize it could have all be avoided if they just picked up that piece of trash, or rode their bike to their friend’s house right around the corner instead of driving. Humans are important because it is our duty to control these problems and do something about it. It is what we were created and put on Earth for. Conclusion To conclude, God created Adam so he could take care of the earth and all God had created. God then created Eve to help Adam take care of the creations. Christians need to take over that
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