Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament

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Christian’s Relationship to the Old Testament: Christians’ relationship to the Old Testament has been an issue that has attracted huge concern across the globe. This issue has generated much controversy because of the various misunderstandings across both sides of the spectrum. In essence, there are Christians who believe that the Old Testament law is biding to all believers while others think that they are not bound by this law. There are some Christians who argue that the Old Testament law is not binding to believers except the Ten Commandments whereas others state that the ceremonial law has been eradicated. The confusion regarding Christians’ relationship to the Old Testament is also fueled by the fact that there are many laws that seem to be part of this religion. Moreover, the Old Testament is associated with complexities, which makes them to find it confusing, wordy, and cumbersome . With regards to Christians’ relationship to the Old Testament, there is need to recognize that it is part of the Scriptures. Actually, the Old Testament is part of the written revelation or word of God to an extent that it generates much interest by old and young people. Consequently, the Old Testament is applicable to all Christians or believers since it is part of God’s written law. This is demonstrated in the fact that failure to acknowledge the unity of Scripture contributed to the emergence of false truths by some of the early Bible expositors. False truths emerged because
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