Christians Right To Lie

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For centuries, Christians have been debating if it is ever right to lie. Their arguments all deal with a Christian’s interpretation of what the Bible has to say about the issue. The ninth commandment asserts “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (ESV Ex. 20.17). This seems fairly straight-forward: a person should never lie. However, the Bible also tells stories of men and women, who are considered people of faith, who have lied. The debate emerges when the question is asked, “In these instances, were these people right to lie?” I believe that it is never permissible to lie except when someone doesn't deserve the truth or doesn't expect the truth.
What do I mean by the exceptions to the rules? The exception the the rules are those who don’t expect the truth and those who don’t deserve it. First are those who don’t expect the truth, they expect deception. One example of a person who falls under this category is someone who watches and illusionist, they expect to be deceived. Another example would be a player in a sports game. They expect to be faked out and tricked. One final example is someone who expects to be lied to when asked what gift they are getting for their
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The most obvious one is the tendency for human error. Every person is going to have a different opinion on who deserves the truth. In some circumstances is can be hard to maintain objectivity because a person may be influenced by personal feelings about the other person. They may have their own reasoning for not telling the truth, but someone else who is emotionally unattached to the situation might see it differently. Another problem that can arise not only from this viewpoint but from others as well is the fact that some may use it as justification for their lies. They continue to lie and then find reasons why their lie was permissible later, instead of admitting that there is a heart
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