Christians Seek Happiness And Fulfillment From A Higher Power

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Christians seek happiness and fulfillment from a higher power, a purpose that others cannot see or touch. They have faith that God will reward them in heaven for their commitment and unselfish efforts to help others in need. From the very beginning, Christians have never really fit into the normal ways of the world. Many people believe Christians think, say and do things that are very foreign to cultural norms. This should not be surprising as they are expected to stand not just for one’s self, but to be believed in a higher power, to obey the creator and to show love, patience and kindness to others. Once a believer enters the Christian religion and starts to practice the traditions, they should stop acting like the rest of the world. They are called to a change of lifestyle and a life on mission. This belief forces Christians to think, speak and act differently than non-believers. A few of the many literacies that the Christian churches have to deal with why and how to be saved and then what next. These are the main literacies that I have been exposed to to fully grasp this community. Christians use the terminology we live in a fallen world to explain why they are in need of salvation. The terminology fallen is used in the Bible to describe the world as spiritually and morally degraded and corrupt. Christians believe that God created the world perfectly to glorify Him. Although people have the potential for so much good, they are naturally geared with attitudes that are
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