Christians Should Study Greek Philosophy

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Throughout the history of Christianity, there have been many different ideas on how a Christian should interact with the world in which they lived. From the biblical writings of The Gospel according to Matthew, and The Acts of the Apostles, to the non-biblical writings of On Philosophy, and The Prescription Against Heretics, the ideas of Christianity were brought together. The two non-biblical documents highlight the arguments of whether or not Christians should study Greek philosophy. The books from The Bible showed that Christian beliefs focused on how one should primarily seek their ultimate reward or satisfaction in the Kingdom of God (spiritual), rather than in the here and now (temporal). Christianity, as it began, was a faith that emphasized the importance of acting charitable towards the less fortunate, while understanding that it was ones duty to worship God and spread that love for Him to those who didn’t believe. In the Gospel According to Matthew, Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” When Jesus said this, he showed how the Kingdom of Heaven was welcomed for anybody, not only those who were more fortunate than others. Jesus then went on to explain how those who were humble and those who showed righteousness would enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus also told the people how they should spread his word everywhere and teach those to examine all the things He commanded them. In The Great Commission speech, Jesus inspired His…
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