Christians and Environmental Stewardship Essay

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Christians, the world over, have been given the important task of stewardship of God’s creation. The problem is, Christians and non-Christians alike have become so driven to make money that concern for the earth and it’s well-being have fallen by the wayside. As Rich Deem states, “As Christians, we should be doing everything Jesus commanded, including taking care of our families and all the resources He has given to us.” (Deem, 2009) This phenomenon has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. Urbanization is a huge culprit of environmental destruction and those who remain in rural areas to farm the land are often overrun by the industrialization of even farming. This problem continues to be ever-increasing, as society moves more …show more content…
We have put industrial needs ahead of the environment so that we may have the latest gaming system, cell phone, or computer. We have decided that, instead of making it easier to farm and produce food for the populace, it is appropriate to seize the farm land to make the commercial food producers richer. This is detrimental, not only to the environment because of the way the industry uses up the land, but has also been a cause of major health issues in the production of foods that contain so many fats, sugars, salts, and other preservatives, that the food we are now often forced to buy off the grocers shelves actually contributes to the growing obesity of the nation. God’s creation has become so perverted by the greed and irresponsibility of humankind that it is very difficult to see any turnaround occurring in the near future.
To change the poor state of the environment, many steps need to be taken, by both Christians and non-Christians alike. In order for these changes to be successful, there needs to be a return to a less industrialized way of life. This idea is often rejected because it is thought of to be a regression to a less civilized way of life. This is a ridiculous notion because looking around to what is considered to be progress is really a change to selfishness and sinful greed. As Wendell Berry stated, Industrialism…is based squarely upon the principle of violence toward everything on which it depends, and it has not mattered whether
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