Essay on Christians and Marriage

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Christians and Marriage


= Religions (Myrtle Langley)

= Beliefs, Values and Traditions (Ann Lovelace & Joy White)

= WGGS Resource Sheet

= WGGS Notes

= Daily Express November 2000

= Milestones (Celia Collinson & Campbell Miller)

= From the Cradle (Kevin O'Donnell)



a) Describe and explain the Christians teaching about marriage (be sure to include

Biblical evidence). (24 marks)

Marriage is an important ritual in the life of a Christian. The Old Testament talks about marriage in the Creation story, showing it has been important since the beginning of time. When God created the world and
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They talk about how the couple will always be together. 'From this day forward… til death do us part; according to God's holy vow' (Milestones). The commitment is from now on, it is for life and the only way it can be discontinued is when God takes a life 'if we live; we live to the Lord. If we die, we die to the Lord. But whether we live or die we belong to the Lord' (Bible). They explain how the couple will always be there for each other 'for richer for poorer…for better for worse…in sickness and in health' (Milestones). Through the easier times and the hard ones, to enjoy the fun, but help strengthen the relationship through the tougher times. These three vows describe how the are together as 'one flesh' (Bible) and it also suggest sexual intimacy as an expression of love. The marriage vows describe all the aspects of marriage.

Marriages are based on love, they talk about love for one another as Jesus said 'I give you a new commandment: love one another; as I have loved you, so you are to love one another'. To love someone one must be able to completely forgive them, just as Jesus forgave Peter for denying him three times. Love goes deeper and means more than just on the surface. The ring in marriage symbolises how the couple's love will be everlasting as the ring has no beginning and no end.

There are a lot of purposes to marriage as well. Some Christian's consider
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