Christmas And Religion

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Christmas has evolved into a substandard look at Christ in this day and age. In the past it has been about celebrating Christ’s birth with family, but the world has turned it into a violent Black Friday, and a mockery towards Christians. Followers of Christ are people as everyone else, but the world seems to believe that it is acceptable to make fun of those who think something different than themselves. The way this world signifies Christmas has to be changed by the generations to come. The significance of Christmas has to be found again.
The meaning of Christmas indicates Christ’s birth. Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem, his father’s birth town, when Mary and Joseph had to go there for a census. He was born in one of dirtiest of
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Today’s culture has turned Christmas into, a mass chaos on Black Friday, and not appreciating what we already have. “One video taken at the Houston, Texas, Walmart store shows shoppers diving protectively on top of discount Samsung flatscreen TVs, clawing at each other over the discounted big screens before security and armed police officers break up the mob.” (Black). This past Black Friday, November 25, 2016, there were ten deaths, and at least one-hundred and five people were left injured, due to brawls, mobs, and even gun men. Black Friday has gone down a dark path, and now even Christ in “Merry Christmas” is being…show more content…
“Louisiana State University (LSU) photo-shopped crosses out of pictures on their official website. Schools across the South have been pressured by Atheist groups to repress longstanding traditions of prayer before football games” (Taking). This isn't the only time an organization was put in a difficult situation. In Fact, an employee of Counts Oakes Resort Properties, in Panama City, Florida, was fired for objecting the rule of saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” The purpose of Christmas has been lost in all of this
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