Christmas Concert Review

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General reaction: The concert I attended was SPX Magic of Christmas, performed by the Charlotte Symphony orchestra and conducted by Albert-George Schram. This was the first professional orchestra concert I have attended, and the first since I was a student at UNC Greensboro. As I walked the streets of downtown Charlotte, with the wind peppering my face and small beads of rain being tossed through the air, I felt a sensation that Christmas was closer than two weeks away. I felt like Christmas was inside the symphony hall, and I made my way up the steps of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center into the Belk Theater, I was greeted by the warm sounds of brass, wind, and percussion. I was astounded by the sounds and the visual aspects of the performance. Caroline Calouche and Company performed on aerial silks and trapeze, and it really enhanced the performance, giving it a broader appeal.

Composition I liked best: The piece I enjoyed the most was Highland Cathedral by Ulrich Roever & Michael Korb (spelled Korts in the program), arrangement by Kuzma and Mills. The melody was composed in 1982 for a Highland games held in Germany. It was performed in concert by the Loch Norman Pipe Band Trio, and accompanied by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. The piece is similar to the gospel standard Amazing Grace, as the scales and key are similar. Though I found it peculiar to hear bagpipes performed at a Christmas concert, I was absolutely blown away by the combination of the bagpipes
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