Christmas Stories: Angel´s Dust

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Christmas stories Angel’s Dust The darkness of the Sorting Room echoed the pain Jeff Marlow felt in his heart. He worked alone, the clatter of the machine bouncing off the walls. The rest went home hours ago. It was as it should be; after all, they had families. A husband or wife would be waiting with a welcome hug and kiss. Children anticipating the morning would be dancing around a tree strung with brightly colored lights. Perhaps their parents would give as he did so many years ago. Each little boy or girl could select one present of their choice to open on Christmas Eve. He closed his eyes; he could almost hear their squeals of delight. Jeff dumped another bag of mail in the sorter. As the machine ran, he let his mind wander. After giving him a good-bye kiss, Barbie smiled as she watched their little Joy kiss her daddy. Barbie handed him a lace handkerchief to wipe off the smear of peanut butter and jelly. How he wished for that lace hankie now. He had searched the ruins only finding ashes. “I love you, daddy,” she said, hugging him close. Whispering in her ear, he said, “I love you, too, Joy Princess.” “It’ll be Christmas when you get home, won’t it?” “Yes, my sweet.” They echoed in his mind the last words he said to his wonderful little daughter. One more kiss from each and he was gone. His last glance of his wife and daughter on earth were from his rear view mirror. Standing on the porch waving goodbye

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