Christmas Traditions : Freaky Family Holidays

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Freaky family holidays.

1. Christmas
Christmas is a tradition that most people celebrate whether you celebrate Christmas for Santa Claus or the birth of Jesus there is one thing everybody likes and that is presents. Christmas is celebrated by mainly everybody in the United States regardless of what you believe in. With most holidays comes traditions and with Christmas there is a whole list of them whether you cut down your Christmas tree in the forest or leave milk out for Santa Claus A.K.A (dad) you are indeed celebrating Christmas traditions. Most people decorate for Christmas it has been recorded that people have decorated for Christmas as far back as the 15th century. You may wonder where the colors of Christmas came from (red, green and gold). They all symbolize something different. Red represents the blood of Jesus, Green represents eternal life, and lastly gold was just the first color associated with Christmas. There we have it folks Christmas in a nutshell. (Sources

Christmas in our family is a little bit different than other families. Yes we get a Christmas tree every year and yes we go to our grandma’s house but in our family we are counting who got the most presents. We have fun just like all other families we are just a little bit different. We never made cookies and milk for Santa Claus since we never really believed in him. One year we pretending like we believed in him just for fun moreover that night we heard a thump on the roof and to
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