Christology: Jesus as God and as Man

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Jesus as God and Man The Biblical basis for Jesus' humanity is well-established, and, therefore, anyone who claims that Jesus was not a man is surely unfamiliar with Scripture. Likewise, the Biblical basis Jesus' deity is also well-established and one must conclude, after a study of Scripture, that Jesus was both God and man, one Person having two natures in what has been called the Hypostatic Union. Jesus' humanity is "taken for granted" as Walter A Elwell notes, in the Synoptic Gospels. He is shown as a baby, as a child, a man who thrists, who hungers, who eats, who sweats, who prays, who cries, who becomes angry (Mark 2:15, 14:33, 15:34; Luke 2:40). His humanity is undeniable. Many have claimed that all of these things were merely an illusion that Jesus only pretended to do these very human things that he only gave off the illusion of being a man. But there is no evidence of such illusory practices anywhere in Scripture and these claims are made by persons who fail to reconcile Jesus' humanity with his deity. They cannot appreciate how God could become man. They cannot accept the mystery even though the evidence of the mystery is there before their eyes. Similarly, Scripture gives testimony to Jesus' deity. His followers prayed to Him as one would to God (Acts 7:59-60; 1 Cor. 1:2). He is called "Lord" on various occasions (Matt. 7:21; Mark 11:3) as Elwell states: "Though Paul also uses the title "Son of God," he most frequently refers to Jesus as "Lord." Jesus can
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