Christopher Bailey Is The Chief Creative And Chief Executive Officer Of Burberry

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Christopher Bailey is the Chief Creative and chief executive officer of Burberry. His work is creating and delivering the company’s vision and strategy , including overseeing collections , brand image , product design , creative marketing , architecture , consumer technology and digital innovation. He take up the role of Chief Creative and chief executive officer on 1 May 2014. Bailey was born in Yorkshire , a son of a carpenter and a window dresser. He graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master degree and later received an honorary fellowship from the college. In the October 15, 2013 Bailey was appointed Burberry Angela Ahrendts, following the departure in mid-2014 Apple's next CEO. Bailey as chief creative and chief executive role in May 1, 2014. However, it is likely Mr. Bailey will be maintained, because the vote is not binding award.…show more content…
But what is he really worth Burberry, and how he could quell shareholder revolt? Burberry has been faced with a huge salary and investors against the company's remuneration report after voting 52.7%, to the new value of Christopher Bailey, CEO of nearly 15 million pounds last year, a one-time stock awards. Remuneration report vote is not binding, but investors just over 16%, also voted against the company's remuneration policy in the company's annual shareholders' meeting in central London. Talks investor groups, including PIRC and the Investment Management Association (IMA) chorus report their concerns about the British fashion house's remuneration policy. 52% non-voting is the biggest ever protests staged by one of the shareholders to the Board remuneration. Insurer Aviva suffered in 2012 60% of the votes oppose their remuneration (including abstentions), to protest its £ 2.2 m gold greeted the incoming head of the UK business, leading to its chief executive Andrew Moss's

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