Christopher Boone Relationship

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Trust is something that is built over time but can be broken in a matter of seconds. Christopher and his father have a very tempestuous relationship that changes over the course of the novel. In the novel, the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon Christopher's father tries to regain Christopher’s love and trust after he loses it, due to a number of problems that he causes while trying to protect his son that he loves very much. Christopher John Francis Boone, the protagonist, struggles to figure out what his feelings are towards his father as he tries to forgive him for the problems he has caused in his life. Throughout the novel, their trust is tested, as they try to conquer different obstacles that are a result of…show more content…
His father has always told Christopher that “If you don't tell the truth now, then later hurts even more,” (120) this is what Christopher has lived by his whole life. The first setback in their relationship has to with the death of Wellington. After wellington dies Christopher is very motivated to figure out who has committed this murder “I am going to find out who killed wellington” (20) Christopher’s father states after his father picks him up from jail. Once they are in the car Christopher tells his father about his plan to find out who has killed wellington and his father tells him to “just try to keep your nose out of other people’s business.” (20) Christopher then later figures out that his father is the one accountable for Wellington's death after his father tells Christopher that he “killed wellington” (120). This is shocking to Christopher because he has always thought that his father was a very honest and trustworthy person. Later he realizes that this was not the only thing that his father has lied to him about. For many years Christopher’s father told him that his mother dies in the hospital due to heart problems and Christopher believes his father because his father has not given him any reason to doubt him until Christopher discovers the letters that his mother has been writing to his for the past few years. Once Christopher realizes that his father has lied to him about his mother and Wellington, Christopher feels like he is not safe living with his father or even being near him, he thinks he has no choice but to run away to his mother, who is now living in London which only puts more of a strain on their
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