Christopher Boone Report

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Interview with Detective Jones and Edward Boone
Jones:Good afternoon, Mr. Boone.
Boone:Good afternoon to you also.
Jones: You are here today to report about the disappearance of your son, Christopher.
Boone: Correct Detective Jones.
Jones:What was the main motive for your son Christopher to one day when you came home from work vanished?
Boone: It must of started earlier this year when Christopher started to investigate of who murdered Wellington.
Jones:Who is this Wellington?
Boone: Mrs. Shear’s pet poodle.
Jones: Okay, can you explain to me why Christopher was involved with this situation?
Boone: Well, Christopher decided that he would investigate of who the real murder was by using his strong critical thinking skills. One day, Christopher decided to go to Mrs.Shear’s house to look through her garden.
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Officer: Give me an example when this occurred.
Boone: One day when I came home from work, I saw Christopher in my room looking at the letters from his mother, Judy Boone, that were sent for him. I hid them from Christopher and lied that his mother died.
Officer: Why did you hide these letters from Christopher?
Boone: I didn’t want to tell Christopher the truth about his mother until he got older when he was ready to hear it (Haddon 114). I felt that Christopher wasn’t ready to hear the truth about his mother until he got older. I actually divorced Judy, my ex-wife because she had an affair with Mr. Shears. Since that day, Christopher remained silent at me and grew angry at me more than usual.
Officer: When did his anger rise?
Boone: When I confessed Christopher the truth that I killed Wellington to just make Christopher to stop asking of who killed Wellington. From when Christopher heard these words, Christopher’s anger rose and seem like he wanted to kill me to get revenge on me for what I actions I had done.
Officer: Why did you kill
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