Christopher Boyer's Old Loves

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In Latin America there are several issues that impede the reconciliation of citizen values. To this end, land tenure and management are topics at the forefront of political discussion in this region. Property rights, methods of distribution and governance along with discrimination and inequalities are all included in this topic. The Mexican journey of creating a unified nation is no exception to this pattern. The nation has been subject to foreign invasions, slavery, exploitation of land and resources, and dominating political regimes. The battles for change in political structures during the Mexican Revolution, colonization, and the post-independence period have had socio-economic and environmental effects for Mexico. These battles extended over decades and the hardships of the process remain with the people to this day. Christopher Boyer’s article Old Loves, New Loyalties demonstrates these social and political effects of the Mexican Revolution and the violence with which change was wrought. Matthew Vitz’s The Lands with Which We Shall Struggle addresses the tension in state development due to social rights and property rights and the environmental impacts associated with that tension. Karen Caplan refers to the complications in governance because of differing values and their effects on society in her article The Legal Revolution in Town Politics. Finally, Héctor Calleros-Rodríguez’s Land, Conflict, and Political Processes highlights more modern areas of tension as

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