Christopher Casal's Scholastic Video Analysis

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We all hear about what a teacher did on social media that was inappropriate all over the internet. But we never really hear about the good things. I read an article in Scholastic, about a teacher named Christopher Casal who a technology teacher for an Elementary school in Brooklyn that uses social media in his classroom and the kids are learning from it. Casal works as a technology teacher for the Magnet School of Math, Science and Design Technology. He has taught for many years and decided to bring Twitter into his classroom. Twitter is a social media website where you can make posts that contain 120 characters that can tell others in a few words are doing or thinking. Casal had the brilliant idea of bringing Twitter into his second grade…show more content…
In this video uploaded by TVO Parents you can see that having social media in school actually works and helps the children learn in creative way. By using blogs in the classroom children are able to be creative about what they write. And there was a period of time when children were taught that being creative isn't the way to live. We were taught to write an essay in a certain order and if we were to get a little bit creative we would lose points. Now this idea of a blog in the schools has opened so many doors for the children. They are able to learn how to use proper grammar in a fun way. We can allow them to be extremely creative in their writing. Also using blogs can help the children keep their previous work so by the end of the year the teacher, parent and child and see how much progress they made within the year. The Huffington post about social media in schools gave a great point about blogs in schools. The author Jay Donaldson wrote about how using the blog sites gives the students to also get to know one another but being able to comment on each others post. And cyberbullying wouldn't be a problem as long as the teacher monitors the blog every so
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