Christopher Columbus A Hero And Founder Of The New World

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Was Christopher Columbus a hero and founder of the new world or villainous destroyer of indigenous people? There is much controversy and debate around this man. Many people believe that Columbus’s discoveries were falsified or over exaggerated and that his misdeeds are left untold. Others believe that he was a great explorer and was responsible for the discovery and shaping of the new world. Is Christopher Columbus the brave explorer who ushered in the “age of exploration”, or was he the brutal and violent man who destroyed thousands of lives on his explorations for power and riches? Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in the Republic of Genoa (Italy). His father worked as a weaver, Christopher did not take up his father’s trade and become a sailor on the Mediterranean. During one of his travels in 1476 he became shipwrecked and washed up on the shores of Portugal. Luckily for Christopher his brother was a well renowned chart maker who lived in Lisbon, Portugal. Christopher lived with his little brother for some time and learned the trade of chart making. He later left Portugal and traveled all over the European continent. It is believed he went as far as England and some parts of Scandinavia. During his travels he used his skills with charts to help him become a master navigator. He did not return to Portugal until 1479, the reason for his return was to be married. His wife died shortly after giving birth to his son in 1480. At this time in Columbus’s life he was

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