Christopher Columbus : A Hero Of The American Eyes

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Christopher Columbus is a person that all of America is thankful for because he is looked at as a hero in the American eyes, because he was the one that founded our land. Through well-known stories about Christopher Columbus, children learn of an explorer with an amazing imagination who stumbled upon America in a pursuit to prove the world is round; however, the true story would not allow Americans to portray Columbus heroically. Introduce Sources. Research reveals that Christopher Columbus is not as historians depict; instead, he is someone who seeks fame and fortune for his discoveries, worked to please the Queen of Spain, and was not the first man to discover America. Fame and fortune are the primary and sole motivations for Christopher Columbus. In a time that it was extremely dangerous to travel over to Asia without putting yourself or others in life threatening situations discovering an easier way for Europeans to get into Asia appeared to the explorer as a path to stardom. Columbus decided sailing could be the better option. He pitched his idea to many royals, finally the King and Queen of Spain, who were the only people willing to hear to his plan, agreed to fund his voyage. But Columbus made a deal that he would be granted ten percent of all the riches he finds and maintains governorship over any land he might encounter while he is in route to Asia. On August 3, 1492 Columbus set out on his voyage with a Spanish crew, by October 12th, he docks in the Bahamian

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