Christopher Columbus : A Hero That Discovered America

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Throughout the world, Christopher Columbus has been known as a hero that discovered America. His disclosure helped execute a trade network between Europe (old world) and the America (new world). Which introduced new food and technology to both worlds. Although some may consider him as a legend, in many peoples’ eyes Christopher Columbus is a criminal that killed millions of natives, he took all the valuable goods from the natives without paying any price, and he is an enslaver. Therefore, columbus should not be considered as a hero. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus began to sail, he wanted to go to India because centuries ago, Marco polo have brought back gold, silk, and spices from his journey to Asia. However, the Turks had conquered…show more content…
In other words, columbus have forced the natives into working in the gold mines for free so that he can take all the gold to spain. In columbus expedition to america, Columbus took so much gold that at one point there were only scraps of gold left. For instance, when there were only scraps of gold left in the island, columbus did not know what to do with all the natives. Therefore, he made all the natives to do impossible tasks. This shown when zinn states, all the natives were forced to work in the gold mines without taking any rest “When they brought (the gold), they were given copper tokens to hang around their necks”(Zinn). If the natives were found without a copper token, then their hands get cut off and bled to death. Some natives tried to escape from his misery, but they were often suppressed by the spanish military weapons. This shows that columbus is a con man that have killed millions without any hesitation. When he thought there was no use for the natives he killed and when he needed the natives to do a task for him, he would force them to do it. Therefore, columbus should not be considered a hero. This idea is also supported When columbus came to the new world, he treated the natives as they were his property. He have never cared about the natives lives. This is
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