Christopher Columbus, America, And The Colonialization Of Native Americans

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Prior to 1492, Native Americans had already migrated across North America, established complex societies, and adapted to their environments in various ways. “They live according to their whims, and in complete freedom” (Taylor 87), said a Spanish invader of the simplistic Native American lifestyle. Agricultural practices and the cultivation of maize became prominent in the American Southwest, with centrality in present-day Mexico. The advancement of agriculture grew societies economically and dramatically in population. In the Great Basin and Great Plains of North America, Native Americans who inhabited these areas adopted a nomadic lifestyle. Due to a significant lack of substantial natural resources, their daily lives were labor …show more content…

This exchange sparked the establishment of America’s stable economy, which thrived and survived because of Europe's institution of commerce.
Before Columbus’ entrance into the Americas, Europeans were unnecessarily losing profit from trading goods imported from Asia, and islands abundant in spices like Indonesia, China, and India, due to labor intensity and distance. With access to many sea routes, such as Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea, creaky and unstable ships made safe shipment unguaranteed. Land routes, often utilized by caravans, stretched into Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, but didn’t asset Europe due to Muslim middlemen gaining profit along the routes. A historian analyzed the situation saying, “to obtain a more regular and predictable flow of wealth, the European rivals, needed their own colonies, where they might harvest precious minerals and tropical and semitropical crops..” (Taylor 66). Europeans thirsted for a profitable trade source, and the Americas were their solution. America’s crops facilitated European population growth, while America’s gold and silver mines stimulated wealth. This “route” became a more accessible and profitable source of commerce for Europeans. Africa was soon brought into this pattern, providing access to cheap slave labor. The three continents formed an interdependent trade system. Africa contributed slaves, Europe supplied advanced technology,

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