Christopher Columbus, An Italian Explorer

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Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a westward route to Asia. During the time of Christopher Columbus, the late 1400’s to early 1500’s, land across the Atlantic Ocean was yet to be discovered. Though, it was believed that there was a route across the Atlantic Ocean that would lead to Asia. Christopher Columbus took interest in searching for a route across the Atlantic Ocean. With the help of the Spanish government, Columbus was granted with a charter that would give him the means to make his his journey across the Atlantic. The Charter gave him permission to colonize and it gave him supplies such as ships and a crew of men to sail his ship. The charter greatly assisted him in making his journey. He sailed and traveled under the charter of Spain with the objective to find a route to Asia and to expand the spice trade through creating a new trade route, but along with his objective he was to complete for Spain, he also had a personal purpose for his journey. He sailed with his desire and passion to discover new things outside of the bounds that the people of his time believed, to discover a new place of salvation-the new world. Columbus arrived on the coast of the caribbean and was successful in completing his journey across the Atlantic Ocean. He claimed this territory the West Indies, and he prided himself in his discovery of the new world.
Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world was a great landmark in the
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