Christopher Columbus And The Columbus

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Christopher Columbus
“In fourteen hundred ninety-two / Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” In grade school, I was taught this rhyme to learn about Christopher Columbus. Most of what I learned about Christopher Columbus then, was that he thought the world was round (and others didn’t); and that he wanted to sail to India, but messed up, and landed in America, calling the natives “Indians.” As I grew older, I learned a little bit more about Columbus’s trips to the Americas. I was told that Christopher Columbus wasn’t as nice of a person as I was taught when I was younger. I learned that Columbus’ heart was set on acquiring as much gold from the natives as possible. He turned them into slaves and brought diseases with him—from which whole tribes died off. While I was surprised to hear about these unfortunate actions, I was more surprised that I had never heard about them. At first, I was hesitant to believe these stories, but as we learned more about his travels, the stories seemed to be more realistic, and true. However, when I was able to read the extracts from Christopher Columbus’ journal, I was able to better piece together the type of man Christopher Columbus was. Christopher Columbus was a leader, explorer, adventurer, thinker, and doer. Although he was rejected multiple times whilst trying to get the funds necessary to travel to India, he did not give up and continued to seek the approval of the Portuguese and Spanish monarchies. Eventually, when Queen Isabella was…
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