Christopher Columbus, Andrew Jackson, And President Van Buren

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This war began when the White man crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of independence. They left Europe and slowly began fighting for a better life which eventually led to their break away from the harsh brutalities of the British government. When, in all reality, their search for independence led to the abolishment of the freedom of the Native Americans. Instead of placing light onto this subject, it is swept under the rug in schools across America today. I believe that the way the American government chose to gain territory was selfish and ignorant and led to the loss of many cultures and precious lives. Some of the ways this happened was by the removal of rights, battles, untruthful treaties, and confiscation of land. In many ways American history books and movies portray Christopher Columbus, Andrew Jackson, and President Van Buren to be American heroes, but these so-called “heroes” are actually murderers, thieves, and liars. Jackson and Van Buren believed that the Indians needed to become civilized and convert to Christianity, yet the actions these two presidents practiced were opposite of what the religion boasts. Obviously, they were the ones who needed to become civilized and remember where they came from and that what they were taking away from the Indians is exactly what they had fought for. Whenever Jackson was elected president, he implemented laws that “did away with the tribe as a legal unit” and made them “subject to militia duty and state taxes,”
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