Christopher Columbus As A Hero

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“A hero. You want to be one of those rare human beings who make history, rather than merely watch it flow around them like water around a rock.” Dan Simmons wanted to reflect on the many notable historical figures in our past who were recognized for their courageous traits, leadership ingenuity, and outstanding discoveries that sparked from one individual who was willing to make a change. Christopher Columbus precisely fits the depicted portrait of a hero. Through any given perspective from Europeans during that epoch to our world five centuries later, we see that Columbus was the epitome of the valiant figure, invoking change for the revitalization of Europe and South America as a whole, and igniting the exploration age and philosophical ideas through his heroic actions. During the fifteenth century, Columbus pioneered the paradigm shift in that sailing into the western water was not dangerous, emphasizing his bravery and deterministic attitude. "If a culture is to live, it changes, it always changes. If a people live, they imagine themselves always and in a new sense." The significance behind it underlines Columbus as an opportunist because scholars during that time thought about the likelihood of reaching Asia by sailing westward. Despite these claims, he was the only man who stepped out of a small batch of naval explorers to actually initiate his plan into action. Europe took centuries to start recognizing the impact from Renaissance thinkers, Columbus led a

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