Christopher Columbus As A Hero

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Throughout many recent years, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether we should celebrate Columbus Day; whether Christopher Columbus, the man with a holiday named after him, the man who “discovered” America, was really hero. There are people who claim that Columbus was, in fact, someone to be celebrated. This is false. Christopher Columbus was, most blatantly put, a villain. He deserves this status because he did not discover the land now known as America, he forced his beliefs onto others, and he utterly destroyed the lives of unknowing, innocent people.
Christopher Columbus is mainly known for being the one to uncover America. He had been labeled as a brave voyager who discovered new land, and started settlement there.
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Now, the people living in the Caribbean had their own systems, politics, cultures, and beliefs. When Columbus sailed there he “introduced” them to Christianity; then proceeded to force it on them. Christianity was considered the most obvious and respectable faith by most all of Columbus’s society and often their aim was to expand it throughout the world, and have it be everyone 's faith. Columbus wholeheartedly believed this, and upon arriving on land, he stripped and broke down the Natives beliefs, and got to work on replacing them with his own. Document 4, which provides an excerpt from his journal, shows he wrote, “Your Highnesses, as Catholic Christians… who… promote the holy Christian faith… determined to send me.... to see the said princes, people, and territories and to learn their disposition and the proper method of converting them to our holy faith”, showing that one of his only purposes was to gather more people to become Christians, no matter what religions they might already have set.
It’s is impossible to deny, that throughout history, there have been many arguments claiming Columbus to be a hero. Document 6, an excerpt of John Barlow’s, The Vision Of Columbus, called him, “This extraordinary man, who… appears to have united his character in every trait, and to have possessed every talent…”, and Document 11, the last

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