Christopher Columbus ' Discovery Of The America

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Nowadays, the world is not difficult to see that human rights are the words. I think the human right suggests that the size of the Board. Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the America is frequently considered one of the most important incidents that propelled the West to the front stage of history until today. It is because since the late 15th century the West began sailing across the oceans and founded colonies wherever they landed. All the places the European conquistadors took over, however, none incurred more horrifying damage and suffering than the indigenous peoples in the Americas. There were laws that protected some of their rights. But their life was not an easy one, and the punishments meted out to people who wronged were harsher than those for non-servants. An indentured servant 's contract could be extended as punishment for breaking a law, such as running away, or in the case of female servants, becoming pregnant. For those that survived the work and received their freedom package, many historians argue that they were better off than those new immigrants who came freely to the country. Their contract may have included at least 25 acres of land, a year 's worth of corn, arms, a cow and new clothes. Some servants did rise to become part of the colonial elite, but for the majority of indentured servants that survived the treacherous journey by sea and the harsh conditions of life in the New World, satisfaction was a modest life as a freeman in a burgeoning
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