Christopher Columbus Fault

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Many around the world always picture Christopher Columbus as a man who did great things for what America is today. Is that all really true? As kids, we have all, been taught that Columbus was the man who discovered America but in reality that is all a lie. Christopher Columbus was a man that made a mistake that started many issues that is still around today. Some of many things Columbus did was: he started the slave trade, he treated the Native Americans poorly, kidnapped the Tainos, and stole gold and many other items of value. Even though he did a lot of bad things not everything that Columbus did was terrible. I feel that though many things that are wrong today are his fault at the end of the day he still made America known in Europe. Christopher Columbus is a man that causes a lot of controversies but it makes a person think that was all he did worth the outcome. Bringing light to what Christopher Columbus does helps to acknowledge his legacy and what he left behind. One of the main issues that arose because of Columbus that stuck with me is him starting the slave trade. The slave trade was a huge thing back in the day that cost many people their lives. Many family and friends were ripped from their homes so they could be auctioned off to someone who would beat them for not doing the work. Many people that were involved in the slave trade never had to work in those sorts of conditions and they could not handle it. Another issue that occurred is the spread of
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