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Christopher Columbus Many know Christopher Columbus as the man who discovered America, but there’s more to Columbus than that. He lived as a man so idealistic that reality became a blur, a man who explored in the name of God, and a man who wanted more than he could earn. However, he died over five hundred years ago, so who can really say who he was? That didn’t stop writers or historians though. Born in 1837, Joaquin Miller took a try in writing of Columbus’s true nature. In Miller’s poem “Columbus”, Columbus and his crew cross the sea in a voyage for land. The reader can assume this expedition started out ardous because his ¨men grow mutinous day by day¨ and his ¨men grow ghastly wan and weak¨ during this voyage (Miller, 9 and 10). Still determined to find land, Columbus insists that his crew ¨Sail on! sail on! and on!¨ (Miller, 16). Ultimately though, Columbus’s persistence comes across as obsessive when he puts his life and his crew's lives in danger: “Why, now not even God would know / Should I and all my men fall dead.” (Miller, 19 and 20). He fails to feel intimidated by the unfamiliar seas because he focuses too much on his ideal future of finding riches. Miller sees this as a valuable leadership quality to power through tough times: “He gained a world; he gave that world / Its grandest lesson: "On! sail on!” (Miller, 39 and 40). But, to keep sailing with lives at stake made for an extremely dangerous risk. At first glance, this source does not seem reliable because its author, Joaquin Miller never sailed on any of Columbus's voyages. Although, Miller being born hundreds of years after Columbus died have its advantages. Because Miller wrote this poem long after the explorer´s death, he could’ve used a variety of resources. Columbus´s own journals, historian’s studies, and even accounts from his own crew. After further analyzation of “Columbus”, in the end, Columbus took risks to get what he wanted, making him a good leader. Although, he only got lucky enough not to suffer tragedy at sea and to find land before a great demise. Similarly to Miller, another poet, Walt Whitman, also saw Christopher Columbus as a good explorer. In his poem “Prayer of Columbus”, Whitman depicts Columbus near the end of

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