Christopher Columbus : Hero Or A Hero?

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For many years, historians have argued whether or not Christopher Columbus should be considered a hero. One of his biggest accomplishments he had during his lifetime was the discovery of the newfound land, which would later become known as America. In the early 1490’s, Columbus met with Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand of Spain. Together, they set an agreement for the sponsorship of the voyage. America would eventually help to transform not only the culture, but the landscape of the world as well. Overtime, conflict arose over who had really been the first to discover America. Many questioned if it was in fact Christopher Columbus who had been the first to become exposed to this new location. It had been argued that Leif Erikson was actually the first o set foot on the land. Prior to his awareness of this new location, the actions in which Columbus displayed were nothing but appalling and inhumane. Christopher Columbus: Hero or villain? Many people may consider Columbus a hero. In America, we celebrate a special day which is specifically dedicated in his name. After all, he is said to be the individual who was the first to discover America. The old famous poem begins, “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” This line is known well around the world and is celebrated yearly in his honor. By traveling the seas, Columbus opened doors which lead towards exploration and eventually the colonization of America His discoveries changed and impacted many
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