Christopher Columbus Negatives

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After the muslims conquered constantinople, europeans wanted find sea routes to reach asian countries quicker and cheaper, This was due to the want of things such as silk and spices. Columbus traveled west, hoping to find Japan and China but found the New World Instead. The Europeans and the natives were both harmed and benefited through the European westward expansion. This was shown when animals were exchanged as well as many goods such as food and crops. Which benefited mainly to the Indian tribes and as well as european society. Europe also gained a lot of wealth from establishing colonies in the new world with mercantilism. Many harm was also done to both sides, it was shown when the Europeans set up the colonies in the new world, many…show more content…
For example, some of these foods included that Columbus took back were Corn, squash, pumpkins, beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. This revolutionized european agriculture. Some of these foods like corn brought a food that can be consistently grown easily and contained high nutritional value. This benefited the Europeans in a huge way during the European Agricultural revolution, it made the population of Europe rapidly increase and later led to the industrial revolution. Setting up colonies benefited the Europeans as well. For example resources were much easier to get because free labor was provided from the natives, using the idea of encomienda. Resources such as gold and wood were also scattered around the New world, Many rivers and waterways were also available. This helped European countries bring in wealth by the idea of mercantilism. Which was the idea of acquiring resources from the new world colonies and manufacturing them in Europe. This created many jobs which helped European society and at the end selling the goods back to the colonies and other countries around the world. This ultimately at the end brought Colonial power European countries wealth. The Natives also benefited from Columbus, The bringing of new kind of animals, for example columbus brought horses to the new world. This benefited the natives massively, hunting tribes especially such the tribes from great plains,They used the horses to the best benefit. Some of these tribes were the Cheyenne and the Arapahoe, they used these horses mainly to hunt bisons which was one of their main source of food. These tribes in the area also tended to live a nomadic life and the horses contributed to this in a big way. Overall these horses changed their way of life by making things much
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