Christopher Columbus Nocturnal

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Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean; one in 1492, one in 1493, another in 1498, and his last in 1502. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Aragon and Castille approved his first voyage to the new world in 1492. Originally, Christopher Columbus thought that he could find a shorter, much easier passage to India from Spain by cutting across the Atlantic Ocean. He first landed in modern day Watling Island, Bahamas. He met natives that lived there and thought he was in India, so he called them Indians. This is why we called Native Americans Indians. Columbus used many different devices to assist him on his voyages to the Americas in his four trips across the Atlantic Ocean, such as a nocturnal,…show more content…
A nocturnal was a timekeeping device that measured time during the night by using the celestial clock, or the stars. One ring was set to the date, the Polaris (designated Alpha Ursae Minoris, commonly known as the North Star or Pole Star. Polaris is the brightest star in the popular constellation known commonly as Ursa Minor. This star is very close to the North celestial pole, making it the current Northern pole star.) was found through a hole in the center, and the arm was swung around to line up with the pointer stars, also known as stars in the constellation that are known as the Big Dipper, the Big Dipper’s counterpart constellation, the Little Dipper, and the stars in the constellation known as Cassiopeia. Where the arm crosses the marked ring, the time is read. The device was also used to measure the star's distance in minutes of arc from North so a correction could be applied to it. A device that has been invented since then to tell time, called a watch, could’ve helped him in keeping track of the time in his voyages. A nocturnal had to be carried around in a bag, whereas a watch can be worn on the wrist. It’s much more portable and much easier to…show more content…
Modern technology would have made his voyage quicker, easier, and possibly with less death and destruction. Columbus may have gone down as a hero in the history books with modern technology, yet he went down as just another explorer who discovered and killed. Technology has expanded greatly over the years, and will continue to expand with new ideas and new inventions everyday. The voyage of Christopher Columbus was long, hard, and treacherous with the technology that was used. With modern day technology this voyage would have been simpler, faster, and less troublesome for
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