Christopher Columbus: The American Exploration

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Christopher Columbus had a lot to do with the American exploration. Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He studied geography then went out to sea on a journey. He was trying to find a new route from Europe to Asia. He did this because the Europeans wanted spices but it cost too much to get them over land from India and China. He is the man that figured out the world was round. In 1492 he got the king and queen of Spain to finance his journey to find a new sea route. They bought him three small ships. On October ninth a month into the expedition the men were ready to rebel. Columbus agreed to look for land for three more days and turn back. On October twelfth 1492 a sailor cried out that he saw land. They had been at sea for ten weeks. Columbus and the sailors got on a small ship and went to the island. They set foot on what they were going to call the Americas. Columbus thought he was on the coast of Asia. He called the people there Indians which stuck for centuries. He returned back Spain with gold and native Americans to show the king and queen. The great navigator made three more trips to the new world. He felt like he said to Asia but felt like a failure because he had not found a shipping route for spices. Columbus died a disappointed man on May twentieth 1506.
As a young boy Christopher Columbus always knew he wanted to sail the sea. His brother owned a book and map store. Christopher read all the books to do with navigation. He studied every map
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