Christopher Columbus : The Greatest Failure

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No one is perfect. Every great man has had or has enemies. Christopher Columbus was this man. It is Christopher Columbus that sailed around the world and accidently discovered the “New World” in 1492 according to an article by This was no ordinary man, Christopher was brave and willing to take risks. Keep in mind Christopher Columbus was living in a world where “a lot of ordinary people thought the world was flat" (Almasy, CNN).
Christopher may not have been the first person to discover the Americas, but he played a vital role in integrating and joining the bridge between two different geologic locations that allowed settlers to trade goods and exchange resources. Historically, “A real historian should try as much as possible to resist making any moral pronouncements regarding the characters of his subjects” (Kerwick, Frontpagemag) this quote essentially means being objective and not accounting for emotions that presumably judge one’s character. Some of my articles were biased towards Christopher Columbus implicitly as “the greatest failure” and an evil man who committed many sins who deserves no recognition whatsoever. News reports from a YouTube video of my sources claimed that this day should be removed from our National holidays and should not be celebrated. One of the articles I picked deeply resonated with me and led me to pick this stance because it reminded me that we are not celebrating Columbus day because of the crimes Christopher Columbus…
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