Christopher Columbus : The New World Of The Old World

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Christopher Columbus In many a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, various resources from the New World of North America had been transported and distributed throughout the pre-established European countries founded before the discovery of the Americas, the Old World. In great means of success, the resources expanded in popularity and caused many economic and agricultural effects on the inhabitants of the Old World. The great man behind such growth was Christopher Columbus, an Italian seaman who, on commissioned ventures provided by the country of Spain, modified the economic and agricultural establishments of the Old World. The importation of multiple New World resources brought to the Old World many modifications regarding the agricultural focuses, economic successes, and the diets and lifestyles of the European population. Christopher Columbus, in his voyages, modified the agricultural focuses of both the New and Old Worlds. In his four voyages he brought with him significant amounts of food and other materials for the purpose of trading. This trading of supplies would be conducted with the “Indians” or Native Americans of the area, this specifically being on the Eastern Coast of North America attributed to his first voyage. “...Columbus’ expeditions set in motion the widespread transfer of plants, animals, diseases, and cultures that greatly affected nearly every society on the planet...”( As Columbus had traded with the Indians of North America certain
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