Christopher Columbus Timeline

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5 Great Explorers ofthe Americas Timeline Christopher Columbus
1451- Christopher Columbus was born in Italy but it was called Genoa at the time, he had three brothers and one sister.
1476- Christopher Columbus was residing in Portugal and he had a strong and growing desire to sail and discover new lands.
1492- Christopher Columbus was finally accepted a voyage to find new lands by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, he was rejected a voyage by Spanish and Portuguese kings and queens.
1492- On August 3rd 1492 Christopher Columbus had gone on his first voyage to go to Asia he had been given three ships, Santa Maria, Nina, and the Pinta with 104 men. After five weeks Columbus had landed
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1506- On May 20th1506 Columbus had died at age 54. Amerigo Vespucci
1454- On March 9th 1454 in Florence, Italy Amerigo Vespucci was born
1492- Amerigo Vespucci worked as a spy for Spain he was sent to the city of Cadiz in Spain.
1499–1500- Amerigo Vespucci had been on four voyages in his life historians say that two of them are real and the other two may have been written by other people from Florence. On Vespucci’s first voyage he had seen and discovered the mouth of the Amazon River. On his second voyage he had landed in Cape Verde, and traveled to the coast of Brazil.
1512- On February 22nd Vespucci had died because he had gotten infected with malaria. John Cabot
1450- In Castiglione Chiavarese, Republic of Genoa John Cabot was born. 1460s- Cabot moved to Venice where he had learned all about seamanship and navigation.
1474- John Cabot had married in 1474 where he had three sons and one of them followed in Cabot’s footsteps and had also became an
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1504- Hernan Cortes had sailed off to Santa Domingo.
1506- Hernan Cortes and Diego Velasquez had fought together and assisted one another so that Velasquez conquer Cuba.
1519- In 1519 Cortes had reached Mexico and had befriended some of the natives there and fought the Cholula and Tlaxacan fighters. He had then decided to conquer and take over the whole Aztec empire.
1540- Hernan Cortes Died in Seville. Ferdinand Magellan
1480-Sabrosa, Trás-Os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal Magellan was born. Magellan had studies many things when he was young he studied navigation, cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation when he was very young. Magellan had fought in the battle of Diu where the Portuguese where destroying Egyptian ships, Magellan had explored Malacca which today is Malaysia.
1519- In 1519 Magellan was granted permission to go out on a voyage to circumnavigate the whole the world he knew little about.
1520- In 1520 while sailing Magellan had entered the Strait of Magellan which was named after him.
1521- Magellan was killed because there was some conflict where they had
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