Christopher Columbus: Villain or Hero? Essay

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In 1492, Christopher Columbus unintentionally discovered America, when he landed in the Caribbean Islands, while looking for a direct sea route to Asia. Despite the fact that Columbus believed he had found a direct sea route to India, he has been called the discoverer of America and hailed as a hero. More recently, however, he has been called a villain, with accusations saying that not only did he not discover America, but also that he was the cause of slavery and oppression in the Americas. These allegations are absurd and lack logical evidence. Christopher Columbus has been discredited with discovering America, because for thousands of years, Native Americans had thrived on the land he claimed he discovered. There are also claims…show more content…
After Columbus returned to Spain, the Europeans began to come to America by the thousands and brought with them permanent colonies, new ideas, technologies, plants, and animals. Columbus' critics do accredit him with bringing oppression to the Americas. After Columbus returned to Spain, the Spanish government took a great interest in the Americas, especially South America. Spanish explorer, Hernando Cortes, landed on the coast of South America, and battles between the native Aztecs and the Spanish soon ensued. The Aztec population was estimated at 25 million, while Cortes landed with only 400 troops. Cortes and his 400 conquistadors easily defeated the Aztecs. Numerous critics of Columbus accuse him of bringing the Spanish oppression in South America that ruled over the Aztecs. One of the main reasons for Spain's easy victory was that thousand of Indians, who were oppressed by the Aztecs, fought alongside the Spanish conquistadors to free themselves from the oppression that the Aztecs had put on them for thousands of years. Columbus' critics not only blame him for the oppression of Native Americans, but also for slavery. The Europeans landed in America and took advantage of its rich soil. They, however, lacked a large amount of manpower. This led to the enslavement of Native Americans and Africans. Columbus and even Europeans cannot be blamed for slavery. Slavery had been a common
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