Christopher Columbus's Contribution To The Age Of Discovery

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Christopher Columbus, a famous Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, had contributed much to the Age of Discovery, which was the important floating trade times of Europe from 15 centuries to 17 centuries. He was born in the Republic of Genoa before 31 October 1451, and when he was young, he was a faithful embracer of Spherical Earth. After his 4 times voyage crossing the Atlantic Ocean, he discovered the American Continent that called ‘The new world’, then he was on the scroll of fame in the history. Every time when he finished his voyage, he would write a letter about the voyage that he sailed yet, nevertheless, his feeling changed a lot from first letter to fourth letter, and I try to find the details to compare the difference. According to analyze the letter 1 and letter 4, I found that 2 main evidences, tone and…show more content…
From these sentence, Columbus showed that he believed that the route was grand, it was his mission, he followed it and enjoyed it.Moreover, one of the important part of imagery that Columbus wrote is vision. When Columbussaw another isle to the eastward, he use plenty of laudatory adjective to praise the view on the island, such as “many fine, large, flowing rivers”, “They are most beautiful, of a thousand varied forms, accessible, and full of trees of endless varieties” and “I saw them as green and lovely as trees are in Spain in the month of May”, and even “incredibly fine”, these evidences can show that Columbus was very excited when he saw the new islands, everything he saw was beautiful and wonderful, he embellished trees, flowers and mountains, and he loved those new
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