Christopher Mccandless Character Analysis

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Christopher McCandless, a wayward and determined adventurer, set out on a journey to test his ability to endure the wilderness of many extreme climates and to explore his willingness to test fate itself. In short, McCandless survived his first excursions into inhospitable lands, but ultimately perished during his final trip, the trip to Alaska. McCandless’ upbringing and his relationships with others shaped him into the man he was and dictated what impact he wanted to make. Along his path to self-discovery, McCandless’ expeditions brought him into contact with numerous people, all of differing ages and backgrounds. As well as forming new relationships with individuals, McCandless also kept in touch with others he already identified with. …show more content…

Even though McCandless and his father did not have the best relationship, this relationship still served its purpose of shaping McCandless into the person he became. Another familial relationship McCandless had possessed was the one with his sister, Carine. To the contrary of McCandless’ relationship with his father, the relationship with his sister was more amicable. Carine was similar to her brother in attitude and “like [McCandless], Carine [was] energetic and self-assured” and “she clashed fiercely with Walt” (Krakauer 129). McCandless and Carine both were molded, in character, by their relationship and it was the similar circumstances of that relationship that brought them even closer together. One relationship that McCandless had developed was with Jan Burres. Jan and her husband, Bob, cared for Alex during the duration of his stay at the Burres’ house. Jan helped influence some of McCandless’ literary habits and this showed when McCandless was carrying around “nine or ten paperbound books, most of which had been given to him by Jan” (Krakauer 162). Jan helped McCandless to come across more materials he was interested in, further proving the idea that forming a relationship with a person can influence the other’s character. McCandless was very touched by Jan and Bob’s charity that he “made a point

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