Christopher Mccandless 's Into The Wild

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Normality has become an unattainable luxury due to the perpetually shift societal norms. Since normality is illusive impervious no one is normal, yet everyone is constantly manipulating themselves in an attempt to achieve ordinariness: those who abnormal, even in the slightest ways, are alienated or distanced from the conforming majority. Christopher McCandless, the main character of Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, is among the group labeled as “different”. McCandless may seem irregular, he is far from it. Christopher McCandless, through his passion for learning, search for a life of fulfilment, and his eagerness for success, is an unrecognized normal person. Chris McCandless undeniably different in noticeable ways. His one of his brief co-workers even stated that “he was missing a few screws”. Chris burned money in an attempt to rebel against societal conformity and to distance himself from civilization. He even only packed pounds and pounds of rice to sustain himself for long duration trips. However, though he was quirky and odd, Chris was far from abnormal. Many readers write McCandless off as a loner, but they overlook the fact that it is bluntly stated that, “he liked people”. Chris McCandless was nothing more than an introverted person. Also, McCandless’s normality outweighs his oddities. From a very early stage in the book, the reader is able to identify McCandless as an exceptional student. It is stated in the author’s notes of book that he, “[graduated],…
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