Christopher Nol An Auteur And Postmodern Filmmaker

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Christopher Nolan is an auteur and postmodern filmmaker. He started off making low budget ‘indie’ films, his first being Doodlebug. He has now risen to being one of the biggest names in Hollywood and creating blockbusters that not only are visual masterpieces but thought provoking journeys. He respects film as an art form, thus allowing him to create some of the top ranked films this century and The Dark Night and Momento are even classed among the greatest films of all time. He has 122 major wins and 163 nominations, most notably three Oscars, three golden globes and three BAFTAS. His films have grossed a total of US$4.2 billion making him, not only one of the most visionary, but one of the most successful directors of all time. Many say “what he’s trying to be is some kind of modern Kubrick. I think he’d be better off being a modern Hitchcock ” I believe he is a mix of the two, both pleasing the general audience and those that are there for intellectual stimulation. After Doodlebug gained him critical attention he then moved on to a bigger project, Following. The films I will analyse are The Prestige and Interstellar, which are films filled with his trademark of non-linear storytelling, grand-camera angles and powerful diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. One of the films I have chosen to study is The Prestige. In this film there are many time cuts. The plotline is truly non-linear (non-chronological). In this film Nolan masterfully weaves separate plotlines and timelines

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