Christopher Nolan 's Film Interstellar Deals With The Choices We Make Once Our World

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Christopher Nolan’s film Interstellar deals with the choices we make once our world cannot be saved any longer. In this essay I will argue that the end of the world can destroy even the best of humanity but ultimately beliefs and rituals are essential to our survival, as they can help us conquer our goals even trough the use of symbols.. The thesis will be supported by looking at theories in Malory Nye’s Religion: The Basics. The first theory regarding belief that will be used is the Reductionist Theory by Ludwig Feuerbach; followed by John Hick’s theory of “the real” and personae; and then concluded with Victor Turner’s theory on Rituals and symbolism. All the theories used will play an integral part in the film as they convey the…show more content…
Once the crew arrives they realize the planet that Mann had discovered is not as livable as it was previously believed. Dr. Mann has lied to Cooper and his comrades so that the astronauts would arrive to his new planet, thus giving Mann an opportunity to steal their ship and kill Cooper. Mann fully knows that this planet cannot sustain life and wants to continue the mission, as Cooper does not. In his rage Dr. Mann tries to kill Cooper and sputters the words before he died trying to escape, “This is not about my life, or Cooper 's life; this is about all mankind!” To conclude, humans will always look for a godly figure to give them hope in their times of need and Dr. Mann is thought to be that person, but tough situations can destroy even the best of humanity due the harsh reality of our world.
Secondly, the characters in Interstellar may not have Dr. Mann to believe in anymore. However there are two other figures that gives them hope and a chance to survive. John Hick theory, states that “religion is primarily about experience of, and belief in a transcendent reality which he calls ‘the Real. In other words the presence of god or something that gives characters hope is always there something to believe and protect them.
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