Christopher Nolan's Inception

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In 2010, Director Christopher Nolan took us deep into the postmodern worldview and dreaming state in his film, Inception. In the film we are introduced to Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) who is a rogue specialist in a field known as “dream sharing”. This technology, created by the government to train soldiers, allows people to go deep into other’s dream and do whatever they wish. Dom is running from the law, and so he gets work in high-tech corporate espionage, however we, as an audience, have “sympathy” for him because we find that he is simply trying to get back home to his family. A rich businessman offers Dom a guarantee that he can return home, if he will perform an impossible task called inception. This involves going deep into a man’s subconscious, down many levels of dreams, and actually planting an idea in his mind. This is done so carefully that he won’t know that it was planted. The businessman says he wants Dom to perform inception on an industry rival and make him give up his dying father’s business. To do this, the rogues that Dom has assembled to help him, have to manipulate the man’s emotions, knowledge, and relationships to finally plant the idea that “your father would want you to be your own man”. This seems straightforward enough until everything gets even more complicated. The process of dream sharing is so real seeming, that you need to carry an object with you that tells you whether you are in the real world or not. (Dom carries a top that

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