Christopher Wren Cathedral

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Topic [This semester my paper will be talking about Baroque Christopher Wren building “St. Paul’s Cathedral”]
Question [who is Christopher wren’s? the building he design “St. Paul’s cathedral”.
Rationale [The St. Paul’s cathedral building of Sir Christopher Wren was chosen because it is famous interpreted the baroque style in England and dominated English architecture]
Thesis [Sir Christopher is an English architect, he studied at oxford, He build and designed one of the most important and famous buildings the “ST. Paul cathedral” is one of the masterpiece buildings that was designed by sir Christopher wren, it stands at the head of ludgate hill.]
Concession [St. Paul is the most famous building that I heard of done by a famous artist after it was
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Paul Cathedral] Source (Express, Britain. "Christopher Wren - England's Greatest Architect."Britain Express. BY DAVID ROSS, n.d. Web. 12 Sept. 2016. )

Main Body #2

Piece of Evidence #2 [In my second body paragraph I will be talking about A Great Temple on the Prairie] Source [By 1933, the East Rose Window Had Been Installed and Builders Were Beginning to Attach the Marble Veneer in the Vestibules. In 1941, the Last Two Rose Windows Were Installed, and the Fourth and Grandest Cathedral of Saint Paul Was Essentially Complete. Ar. "History." Cathedral of St. Paul. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Sept. 2016.]
Main Body #3
Piece of Evidence #3 [In the third main body it will be dissecting the history of St. Paul Cathedral] Source[Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. Q2 2016, p1-1. 1p.]
Main Body #4
Piece of Evidence #4 [In this paragraph I will be talking about the interior of St. Paul cathedral] Source [ Our own book “EXPERIENCE HUMANITIES VOLUME II: The Renaissance to the present” ]

Main Body
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