Chromatography : Types Or Techniques

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Chromatography – Types or Techniques Ravina Pandita Department of Biotechnology, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal, India Email: Abstract: Chromatography is a technique which is used to separate different type of mixtures on the basis of some specific property. The property may be charge, size, hydrophobicity etc. It can be used to prepare small quantities of material by analysing them and purifying them. It is the most widespread and versatile technique used for separation of small quantities of material. This review paper after taking into consideration some major studies provides a brief knowledge about Chromatography, steps involved in chromatography and various techniques of chromatography by separation techniques. Four types of chromatography is discussed, in which separation of mixture is done on charge, size, hydrophobicity and pressure.These four types are most commonly used for separation of biotechnology products at a large scale. Chromatography is a vast topic, through this paper we focus on just the part related to separation of small quantities of mixtures. Study of chromatography on the whole is beyond relevance here. Keywords: Chromatography, Separation, Mixtures, Techniques, Types, Molecules, HPLC, Charge, Size, Hydrophobicity, Purification Introduction: Mixture consists of different materials which move with different speeds thus causing them to separate from each other. In a basic chromatographic
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