Chromium Plating Research Paper

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Due to the industrial restrictions in place across some the main areas of the world under health and safety regulations, finding an alternative plating process to the current hexavalent chromium process has become a real necessity. Trivalent chromium has proved to be a suitable replacement due to being less toxic, both health-wise and environmentally, whilst also demonstrating almost identical metal finishes to those of the hexavalent chromium deposits. However, the trivalent chromium chemical process is not without its difficulties, such as the inertness of the Cr3+ ions to be reduced to their metallic state, or the initial inferiority of the metal deposits physical properties in comparison to the deposits attained from conventional techniques. In order to overcome these issues multiple approaches have been investigated. It has been found that the use of complexing agents in the trivalent chromium electrolyte solution work to generate stable complexes with Cr3+ through ligand exchange which are then easily reducible to metallic chromium. Not only does this now allow chromium deposition to take place, but it also improves the current efficiency of the electrodeposit. The process of co-depositing chromium as an alloy with other metals has shown to enhance the physical and chemical properties of the metal as opposed to individual electrodepositions; an ability that is unattainable for hexavalent chromium, giving an immediate advantage. In addition, the outcome of

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