Chronic And Complex Illness Important From A Nursing Perspective

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1. How is chronicity defined? Why is an illness rather than a disease approach to chronic and complex illness important from a nursing perspective? Discuss in regard to depression as co-morbidity.
Chronicity is generally used as an umbrella term of chronic illness or disease that refers to persistent impairments or disabilities deviating from normal life, which require long period of rehabilitation, supervision, observation and care (Lubkin & Larsen 2006). However, in order to understand its complex context, the distinct difference between disease and illness should be understood (Johnson & Chang 2008; Lubkin & Larsen 2006). Disease can be defined as the pathophysiology of the condition, which refers to changes in structure and function (Lubkin & Larsen 2006). However, the context of illness is much broader than disease, as it mainly focuses on symptoms and human experience that includes how individuals perceive and live with and respond to diseases including carers and health professionals (Johnson & Chang 2008; Lubkin & Larsen 2006). Therefore, chronic illness is often considered as irreversible and incurable condition, which requires ongoing care and attention on all aspects of the person’s life (Johnson & Chang 2008).

The medical cure of chronic disease is not considered in nursing’s domain, but a nurse can make a difference in individuals’ and their families’ experiences of chronic illness as a member of the multidisciplinary team (Lubkin & Larsen 2006). Although, the

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