Chronic Anxiety Research Paper

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People have anxiety from time to time, but the quality of life may be negatively influenced because of chronic anxiety. The physical health of a person may also receive serious consequences as it is a mental health disorder that can have an effect on it.
People may experience anxiety that is unrelenting, apparently uncontainable, and overpowering. It can affect the day after day activities of a person, preventing them to experience normal everyday lives. Anxiety may develop because of the many stressful events in life like stress from work, family and relationship problems, trauma, loss of a loved one, or change. The effects of it include social isolation, panic attacks, low self-esteem, and depression.
To begin with, anxiety can affect a person’s
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The victims of this problem may have something in common like when they usually say they need some time alone with no one talk to which is a mistake in their part in dealing with anxiety. The fear of doing activities when an audience is present and feeling like they are degrading the things you do is one of its problems. Furthermore, over thinking situations and reclusion from others have an immensely negative effects that some may not realize. Human beings are deeply social creatures, the university level scientific studies established, and that if they don’t sense that they are socially supported they develop into further risk for anxiety. Therefore, it is no revelation that those who feel that they are not socially supported can feel anxious whether they have no friends or they have masses of friends but not really a part of that…show more content…
Someone with a panic attack may fear it and go to an extent where they do not go out of the house anymore to avoid incidents from happening. A constant attack on the person affected takes a very overwhelming emotional toll on them; humans are vulnerable when they on their own and no one to look after them, therefore it is dangerous for a person to be alone when panic attacks occur. Somebody should be beside them to calm them down, guide them to breathe properly, and take their mind off to something else. As a person with an experience in seeing such unpleasant incidents, my friend often undergo such encounter whenever he over thinks or when he suffer problems at home, we tend to cease it straight away when we notice that it is starting up again and take his mind off the main reason of his attack and babble about everything until it disappears out of his
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