Chronic Bronchitis Is A Medical Condition That Enhances The Swelling And Mucus

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Chronic bronchitis is a medical condition that enhances the swelling and mucus (phlegm or sputum) production in the breathing tubes (airways). Airway obstruction takes a place in chronic bronchitis, as the swelling and extra mucus cause the inside of the breathing tubes to be narrower than normal. This illness is the fourth leading cause of death and WHO predicted that COPD will be the third leading cause of death by 2030. Spirometry is the most recommended diagnostic test to assess as to whether a patient has a COPD or not by Glob initiative in Obstructive Lung disease (GOLD). This test is specifically designed to identify abnormalities in lung volumes and air flow. Spirometry is utilized along with physical assessment, medical history notes, x-rays and blood tests to confirm the type of lung disease that a patient is suffering from, which enables timely diagnosis and treatment. Spirometry can be defined as a mechanism that illustrate the degree of airflow obstruction with a forced expiratory volume per second (FEV1) of <0.7. This review will focus on the recent developments spirometry as a diagnostic tool for COPD . Keywords: COPD,emphysema, chronic bronchitis, spirometry Executive Summary Introduction: COPD is a disease that characterized by airflow limitation, because it is irreversible. Sign and symptoms: There are very helpful to diagnose the type of COPD the patients have to get the right treaments. Breathlessness, cough, fatigue, cough, dyspnea and

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